Website Maintenance

Code Nests does not build exceptional online experiences, and we also provide site maintenance and security services. This is because we understand that website management and maintenance is necessary when it comes to maximising performance.

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Keeping Your Website Up to Date

The job of our team is a simple one: keeping your website up to date, secure and bug-free. Our proactive approach towards website maintenance combines finding as well as fixing potential threats before they become a huge problem.

  • Stay at top of Search Engines Results

    Our exclusive website maintenance services help you stay at the top of search engines results. We offer numerous plans available for you to choose from and keep your website up and running. This helps you grow and expand your audience.

  • Website Load Speed Optimization

    We are adept when it comes to enhancing your website’s load speed time and also handling severe server problems. When it comes to Google user experience is everything. Therefore your website’s load speed should be the one Google recommends.

  • Website Security

    If you have some security concerns or if you are scared that your website might become the target of hackers or spammers, hiring us would be the perfect thing to do. We ethically provide security so that all the weak links of your site are covered so that future attacks can be prevented.

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